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Dig deep into 1st, 2nd and 3rd John.

The purpose of this class is to teach God’s desire for rich and rewarding fellowship with His redeemed children, helping them understand the blessings of abiding in Jesus Christ for grace, forgiveness, and enablement to live out the life Christ gives us.  

­­­Upon completion of this course, the student will…

  • Grasp the significance of Christ’s suffering and death in His humanity for the sins of the world
  • Comprehend and apply what it means to abide in Christ and walk in light
  • Know two major opposing perspectives on the purpose of the book and assumptions and results of each view
  • Rest in the security and assurance of their salvation by a clearer understanding of difficult verses in this epistle
  • Develop deeper mature relationships with Christ by applying truths of walking in the Spirit in accord with exhortations and teachings of this epistle
  • Become familiar with warnings of the book in relation to false teachers and false doctrines that take away from the work & centrality of Christ
  • Apply principles of living a transparent life before scripture, allowing the Holy Spirit to convict and enable them to find victory over sin and carnal living

July 13th – August 17th
Register by July 6th
1 credit course, $75