Enrollment Costs

Graduate Debt Free from Ethnos360 Bible Institute (founded in 1955 as New Tribes Bible Institute).

Ethnos360 Bible Institute is one of the most affordable places to get a Bible education and start your missions training. Your costs at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are about $9,000 a year which includes your tuition, room and board. Since Ethnos360 Bible Institute was founded, we wanted to provide men and women the opportunity to study God’s Word without the hindrance of debt.

In order to keep costs affordable, the staff at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are supported by local churches and individuals as Ethnos360 missionaries, so none of your semester fees go to employing your teachers.

2017-2018 Semester Fees

Summary of When Payments are Due

Dec. 1 or July 1 – $100 – One time room deposit, freshmen semester only, refundable after graduation
Jan. 1 and Aug. 1 – Down payment due each semester (see payment schedule)
Sept. – Dec. and Feb. – May – $475 due on the first of each month


VA Benefits

Both Ethnos360 Bible Institute campuses accept payments from the GI Bill for Veterans under the “Montgomery GI Bill.” Beginning October 1, 2011, the “Post 9/11 GI Bill” can also be used for payment toward tuition.


In the event of delinquent accounts, the following policies apply:

  • A student more than $250 past due may be placed on financial probation.
  • A student more than $500 past due may be asked to withdraw from Ethnos360 Bible Institute.
  • A student’s account must be completely paid in order to receive credit for the semester, as well as their diploma.


All fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is denied by the school before enrollment, except an application fee of not more than $25 which may be retained by the school.

Non-refundable charges after entrance to Ethnos360 Bible Institute:

  • Registration
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Early withdrawal administration fee of $25

Refundable charges

  • Meals, rent charges, and semester charges are prorated throughout the semester
  • Room deposit – after room inspection by Dean’s Department

Resident Students may not move off-campus and become commuters once the semester starts.

IRS/Tax Information

Ethnos360 Bible Institute does not qualify to issue IRS Form 1098T.