You will be grounded in God's Word.


By the time you graduate from Ethnos360 Bible Institute (founded in 1955 as New Tribes Bible Institute), you will have spent more than 2,000 hours studying God's Word. We believe such time investing in God's story will help you prepare for life and ministry. As Hebrews 4:12 tells us, "The word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joint and marrow. It judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."


You can graduate debt free


We highly value an affordable education and most students at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are able to pay off each semester by working. Whether you are heading into full time missionary work or simply want to be grounded for life, we want our students to be able to walk away without owing us anything - that's why the staff at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are supported by individuals and the local church, so none of your tuition goes towards their employment.


You will see God's heart for the world.


We believe our God is a missionary God, consistently pursuing mankind throughout history. Our school motto "Where Bible Education and Missions are One" perfectly summarizes the experience you will find at Ethnos360 Bible Institute. Hear from experienced missionaries who are passionate about reaching all people with the gospel. Whether you are planning on entering into full time mission work or not, we believe anyone coming to Ethnos360 Bible Institute will benefit from hearing and seeing God's heart for the world.


You will be challenged to learn and to live.


We want you to do more than just gather information. God's Word is ultimately intended to change the way we think and, in doing so, change the way we live and act. During Jesus Christ's time here on earth, some of the greatest frustrations He experienced were with the Pharisees, people who had read and studied Scripture, yet had not allowed it change their hearts and humble them.

We want to see you challenged in your walk with the Lord and apply what you are learning in classes. Investment from our staff into your lives will help put your Biblical studies into daily practice.

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